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Summer Staycation at Home

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Did you have an amazing summer vacation planned only to have it put on hold or cancelled? No worries, we have got you covered! Read below for tips on turning your Summer Staycation at Home into a luxury, fun-filled resort weekend for you and your family.

1. A Clean Home is a Happy Home.

Prepare your home by having it cleaned by professionals. This may cost a bit extra, but you are saving so much on travel expenses by staying home it might just be in the budget. If hiring professionals is not in the budget, enlist your family to help.

Assign everybody a room or area the day before your Staycation begins and have them clean it top to bottom.

It will be a little extra work, but believe us, it will be worth it to have a crisp, clean home to Staycation in. You may even mistake your home for a hotel once it is freshly cleaned and smelling pretty.

2. Add Little Luxury Extras to your Home.

Think about what will make you smile this weekend. It may be fresh flowers in the living areas, a candy dish with your favorite treat in the kitchen, high thread count sheets on the bed, or soft and luxurious towels in the bathroom.

A fresh seasonal candle will delight your senses and help you relax and unwind.

These extras will go a long way in making your weekend feel like a resort stay.

3. "Laughter is Brightest When Food is Best."

Plan out your meals for the length of your Staycation. Think about whether you want to cook yourself, order from restaurants, or even consider hiring a professional chef to make meals. No matter what you decide, planning ahead will go a long way in making your Staycation relaxing and enjoyable. If you decide to do most of the cooking yourself, plan out the meals/recipes and do all of your shopping a few days ahead of time.

Having everything planned and purchased ahead of time will make meal time more enjoyable and will allow you to relax and have fun preparing meals.

If you are ordering from restaurants, make sure to have menus and restaurant choices picked ahead of time so you can just look the menus over and make a call when you get hungry. And no matter what you decide, hitting up the grocery store for some decadent treats and yummy desserts that you would not normally indulge in at home will add a layer of delight to your Staycation.

4. Signature Drink Recipe.

This goes hand in hand with meals, but we felt it warranted its own section. Do not forget the importance of a fun beverage or cocktails for the adults.

A signature drink recipe will really make you feel like you are on a vacation.

We have been hearing a lot about the deliciousness of an Orange Crush Cocktail so that would be high on our list. If a mixed drink isn't your speed you could consider a new type of wine, a hipster IPA, or even a virgin blender drink that you could share and customize for the kids.

5. "Almost Everything Will Work Again if You Unplug it...Including You."

It is not required, but we always think it is a good idea to plan to unplug on a Staycation. Put those electronic devices away, turn your phone to "do not disturb", and put the "out of office" reply on your emails. If you really need to stay connected, limit your time online so you can focus on relaxation and fun!

6. Become a Tourist in Your Own Town.

Obviously being in the middle of a pandemic may put some limitations on this idea, but depending on what restrictions are in place in your town you could still find some fun things to do. First up, you can definitely plan an outdoor hiking, biking, or boating adventure. If outdoor exertion is not your idea of a vacation, how about

a drive in movie, local zoo, or mini-golf?

No matter what you decide, we are sure there are all sorts of fun things to do in your town that you never have time to do. Have a family meeting and pick out one or two local activities that you would like to do on your Staycation. Again, planning ahead is the key!

7. Home Bound Fun!

If going out on the town is not your cup of tea, no worries! You can plan more than enough fun things to do at home. Here are a few ideas to consider:

*Backyard camping.

*Yard games such as bocce ball, badminton, or cornhole.

*Movie night. For extra points plan an outdoor movie night. Outdoor screens and projectors are ultra affordable these days and make for unexpected fun.

*Board Game Night.

*DIY spa. These days most stores carry spa quality face masks, hair masks, feet masks, and everything in between. Have a fun day of relaxing and pampering yourself at home.

*Get crafty. The ideas here are endless, but you can pick a simple, fun family craft like sidewalk chalk art the whole family would enjoy or if you are looking for something more you can sign up for an online art class to learn drawing techniques, photography, or even sculpting.

8. Time for Self-Reflection.

Don't neglect the importance of alone time on your Staycation. Whether you are planning for a family or a couple, it is always nice to build in time for each person to do exactly what they would like to in order to relax.

Personally, we love the idea of reading a good book in the backyard on a comfy lounge chair.

Others may like time to watch a favorite TV show, nap in a hammock, or squeeze in a workout. If you have younger kids, plan some activities ahead of time for the kids to do together while parents take the time to relax and restore!

Obviously these are just a few suggestions, and the possibilities of what you and your family can do on your Staycation are endless!

The most important thing is that you relax, make lots of memories, and enjoy your Staycation as much (if not more) as you would enjoy an actual vacation.

Have you ever planned a Staycation? We would love to hear what you did that made it extra special!


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